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As a translation and software localisation expert provides clients with linguistic assistance strengthening their sales and marketing efforts on international markets.

High quality of services, customer-oriented approach, innovative technology and a team with years of experience allowed to become a provider that combines the capacity of a large company with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a smaller supplier.

In our experience, as a provider of language services working with international organisations, we understand that companies have different requirements related to products, business approach etc. through our experienced team provides custom tailor-made solutions focusing on your key aspects. Members of our team have brought together years of experience in projects related to translation of documentation, PR/marketing materials and software/website localisation (including AGILE methodology). The experience and commitment of our team is crucial to the success of every project and success of our clients.

An essential part of our philosophy is positive communication with people we work with. We believe that clear information, open lines of communication with our clients and business partners is the key to build long term working relationships and to success in today's fast-paced world. The trust our clients put in our work, and our efforts to strive for a common goal are evidence of how important communication and cooperation are in a people-oriented industry such as the translation one.

Krystian Kotarba
Executive Director of Krystian has started his career in the translation industry in 2004 at Argos Translations.
Currently he manages 

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