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          home > solutions together with its engineering partner develop translation tools, specifically designed to optimise translation processes during localisation
of software, web services and web-based applications.

We deliver customised visual localisation technology giving opportunities for substantial cost reduction in translation process and shorten time to market.

The visual localisation technology enables to display content and render it on-the-fly so the translators can see the strings in context. Implementing this technology significantly improves the quality of translations, speeds up the projects and saves time for communication (questions-answers) between the teams involved in a translation process (translators, localisation engineers, project managers etc.).

Instead of single labels, or short texts, translators will be able to see the context where that label is used. It is a significant help to the linguists and translation vendors but also relief to your in-house resources involved in a process. Engineers will be released for preparing screenshots, providing URLs, navigation instructions, etc. together with its experienced engineering partner provides technology integration and custom tailor-made add-ins to existing localisation tools. Years of working experience allows us to effectively examine your processes, identify bottlenecks and implement improvements. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our technology advantages and how you can benefit from it during a presentation or a meeting.

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